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  • We have consummate inspection equipments,and we can realize the following test items at any time:

    • Assay and Impurities
    • Water Content and Loss On Drying
    • Melting Point
    • Specific Rotation
    • Residual Solvents
    • Redisue On Ignition
    • Heavy Metals
  • We have the technological superiority for the following reactions:

    • Hydroxylation Reaction
    • Grignard Reaction
    • Hydrogenation & Dehydrogenation Reaction
    • Allylic Reaction 
    • Ethynylation Reaction
    • Bromination Reaction ×Esterification Reaction
    • Etherification Reaction
    • Chlorination Reaction
    • Halogenation Reaction
    • Oxidation Reaction
    • Reduction Reaction

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About Our Company

Our products have exported to USA, UK, France, Thailand, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Australia and many other countries, over 100kgs each month.

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